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Bongards’ Creameries adding storage silos

Bongards’ Creameries will be building two new storage silos near the company’s office building in Perham.

Brad Boutiette, whey plant manager at the Bongards’ factory in town, said the silos will accommodate the growing facility’s needs.

Originally, the factory was intended to handle 1.5 to 1.6 million pounds of milk per day. Now, they are processing at least 2.2 million pounds in the same time, he said.

“These silos will increase the capacity of milk and whey we can store,” said Boutiette.

He added that additional storage ability will also allow for more efficient production.

According to information from a Sept. 23 special Perham City Council meeting, the space needed for the two 40-foot silos requires that they be built “closer to the street than current zoning allows.”

The council voted to vacate 15 feet of space along Second St. N.E. and Third Ave. N.E. to make room for the silos.

Vacating the road space should “not be an issue because the street and avenue would remain passable,” according to meeting notes.

Silo materials should arrive by November and construction should be finished by the end of December.