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Rumors of sporting goods store opening in Perham 'absolutely false'

Rumors of a new sporting goods store opening in the former Thrifty White Drug store are unfounded, according to the City's Economic Development Director. Focus file photo

It turns out a couple rumors circulating around Perham are much like the children's game of "telephone," according to Perham Economic Development Director Chuck Johnson.

Rumor has it that Reed's Sporting Goods is planning to open a retail space in the former Thrifty White Drug store, but alas, it is just a rumor, he said.

"I'm not aware of anything cooking on the potential reuse of the building," Johnson said, adding there have been a couple of lookers, but nothing has come of it.

Johnson said he initially heard a couple of months ago that Reed's was looking to open a store in Perham, but he has been in frequent contact with Emmett McCormick, owner of the building since 1981, and neither of the them know of any retail businesses interested in the space at this time.

Speculation among residents has circulated about what might open in the large retail space vacated when Thrifty White Pharmacy moved to Dean's Country Market last year, and the retail gift store closed in December.

"It's like if you say it enough times, it becomes truth," Johnson said, "but (the rumors) are absolutely false."