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Otter Tail Power Company offers many ways to save through energy efficiency

While every month is energy awareness month at Otter Tail Power Company, this October the company challenges its customers to find new ways to save during National Energy Awareness Month.

Not sure how to cut energy costs? "Start with Home Energy Analyzer on," said Market Planning Manager Jason Grenier. "This online tool provides a quick and easy snapshot of your energy consumption and helps you create a personalized energy- and money-saving plan that fits your lifestyle." Some specific tips include:

• Sealing your home with caulk and weather stripping before winter sets in to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

• Lowering your thermostat by just one degree to save 3 percent on your heating bills.

• Scheduling standard maintenance and changing the filters for your heating system.

• Choosing a cold-climate heat pump with a heat season performance factor of 10.2 or higher if you're in the market for a new heat pump. These units will operate with high efficiency in freezing temperatures and help to significantly reduce your heating costs.

And heat pumps efficiently cool for summertime savings too.

Commercial and industrial customers have many options to save energy as well. This month in Frazee, Minnesota, Otter Tail Power Company is offering an energy-efficiency assessment to local small- and mid-sized businesses through its Commercial Direct Install program. This free assessment includes installation of LED bulbs, faucet aerators, water pipe insulation, cold-beverage vending machine controllers, and LED exit signs. "We've also offered our Commercial Direct Install program in Mahnomen and Red Lake Falls, Minnesota," said Grenier. "Our business owners are seeing real cost savings as a result of energy-efficient additions, plus it's a great opportunity for us to talk with them about quick, easy and affordable measures that have a direct and immediate impact on reducing energy bills."

The company also offers off-peak rates to help customers save money while still meeting their home and business energy needs. Find out more at