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Newest old train car arrives at Whistle Stop

Workers pull back a stop sign to give an old train car a couple inches to clear a tight corner as the car is moved to the Whistle Stop Bed & Breakfast in New York Mills.

The Whistle Stop is looking as much like a train yard these days as a bed and breakfast.

The Whistle Stop Bed & Breakfast added another car to its growing fleet last week. The car needs a little work but so did the others when Roger and Jann Lee had them hauled in, and now the "Viking" joins the Imperial Car, Palace Car, and Cozy Caboose.

Mike Wedde has been hired to restore the car, which used to be the Trolley Restaurant in Deerwood. Jann said they weren't actively looking to take on another car but some guests from Deerwood who stayed at the Whistle Stop recently told them about the car sitting in a field outside of Deerwood.

"I said no way at first!", Jann mentioned as the car was hauled into Mills early morning on June 11. "Roger is retired, and I'm just tired."

Jann's mind got going and after seeing the car saw the possibilities of creating another luxurious stay for Whistle Stop guests.

The car was abandoned and neglected for a number of years and needs lots of work. The windows are boarded up but the diamond in the rough has potential.

"It's done and decorated in my mind," Jann joked.

In reality she figures it will take a couple years before the Viking Car is renovated and operational.

The private train cars were built at the turn of the century and their historic past services include dining and railroad executive cars.