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Tender Hearts Home Care opens in new location

Tender Hearts Home Care co-owners Steve and Kerrie Steinbach inside their new office building1 / 2
The old Picadilly Pizza located just off of Highway 10 in New York Mills.2 / 2

Soon the "food" and "ice cream" lettering will be removed off the side of the metal building, and what was once Piccadilly Pizza in New York Mills will be a completely renovated office for Tender Hearts Home Care.

Tender Hearts was started over six years ago, out of the home of Steve and Kerrie Steinbach. As the business experienced rapid growth over the past few years, they knew they needed to move their office out of their garage and into a more spacious and private location.

"Our first year in business we had six clients," Kerrie explains. "We now have 266."

Staring this week, their growing business will now officially be run out of the old pizza shop, located just north of Highway 10, next to the New York Mills Sculpture Park. Steve and Kerrie had been looking for a new location for quite some time, and are impressed with the visibility the new site offers, along with the large lot.

They purchased the building in June, spending the last month and a half remodeling the interior of the business. First, they added walls to what was once an open space. There is now an office for Kerrie and a copy/printing room. In the back, the couple added a playroom for their kids to use.

They installed new carpet throughout the building, and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. With the large pieces of office furniture now moved in, it's only the finishing decorative details that are left.

Tender Hearts Home Care will be open in the new location from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, and from 8:30 a.m. until noon on Friday. Administrative assistant Sandy Barthel will work alongside Kerrie at the new office.

For Kerrie, having the new building is just one more step in the right direction to support the business she loves. "I enjoy helping people," Kerrie says. "You get such a warm feeling when you're making a difference in people's lives."

Prior to committing herself to full-time work with Tender Hearts four years ago, Kerrie worked for Lund Boats. In the past, she has also built up experience doing home care for Tri-County and Perham Home Care and working as a CNA in Brainerd.

Today, her responsibilities with the business mainly focus on meeting with clients, setting them up, getting the staff coordinated with clients, and taking care of the payroll. Steve serves as the business' official "errands man," helping out when needed.

Both Kerrie and Steve are graduates of New York Mills High School, with Kerrie graduating in 1990 and Steve in 1982. They live on Steve's family farm, just north of New York Mills.

Deeply rooted in the area, the Steinbachs are pleased to see how the community has supported their local business. Kerrie shares her business philosophy, "I truly believe that if you do a good job, your business will take care of itself."

They've grown from 6 to 266 clients, mostly through referrals from clients pleased with their experience with Tender Hearts Home Care. Kerrie is also quick to give credit to all of Tender Hearts' employees. She estimates they currently have around 150 people working for the business. "We have a good crew that works for us," she says. "It makes it fun."

Kerrie says she feels compelled to immerse herself in the business, being not just an owner, but an active part of the day-to-day operations as well. Tender Hearts Home Care helps to take care of physically and mentally disabled people, spanning the age spectrum.

"All these people want to stay at home and I don't blame them," Kerrie comments. She puts every effort into making sure people get the best services possible to remain in the comfort of their own homes. Many of the Tender Hearts employees are CNA's, giving them additional training to be even more proficient at their jobs.

All of the staff members are required to attend annual employee training, making sure they stay up-to-date on new requirements. "If you have somebody who needs some help, give us a call," Kerrie says. "I'm always willing to steer people in the right direction."