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Niemela Repair opens oil recycling drop-off site

Matt Niemela, owner of Niemela Repair & Towing in New York Mills, stands next to the public used oil drop site facility now located at his business on Centennial Drive at the east end of town. With a grand opening held Aug. 12, the disposal site is now up and running.

A public recycling facility opened this week in New York Mills for those interested in getting rid of used oil, antifreeze, and filters.

The portable facility is located at Niemela Repair & Towing on Centennial/84 at the east end of town. Signage at the facility provides directions in how to dispose of used oil.

The main tank, with a capacity of 1,990 gallons, is for used oil only. The process is simple: Dump it in and go. There are also separate barrels for used antifreeze and filters at the above ground storage tank.

There is no charge to dump used oil in the tank. East Side Oil Campanies, which owns the facility, recycles the oil. The facility is open to the public. There is a cost for filters and antifreeze, and paying for this in a lock-box is on the honor system. Cost is 50 cents per filter and $1 per gallon of antifreeze.

Matt Niemela, owner of Niemela Repair & Towing, said he looked into bringing the facility to New York Mills about a year ago. The tanks are double-walled and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Niemela will check the site guages daily and notify East Side Oil when the tank needs to be drained.

The facility arrived last week and Niemela said he brought it in to provide a service to the community, as well as doing something good for the environment.