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Ottertail Village Inn to re-open under new owners; remodeling underway

Remodeling is underway at the former Eckhoff's Village Inn in Ottertail.

The name of the supper club and off sale liquor store will be "Ottertail Village Inn," and the owners are Robert Jennings and Randy Hutmacher, it was reported at the August 6 Ottertail City Council meeting.

Interior remodeling continues at the establishment, which is expected to operate similar to the past--with a restaurant, lounge and retail liquor store. The owners are considering leasing the restaurant operation.

The retail operation was expected to be opened this week.

Last month, the Ottertail Council approved the transfer of the liquor license, contingent upon the completion of forms and paperwork; $850 in license fees for the second half of 2009; and background checks.

The Ottertail Rod and Gun Club will operate lawful gambling and Bingo at the Village Inn.