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City's issue with plumbing contractor delay­s

An area plumbing contractor will have another opportunity to bring his case to the Perham City Council.

Delays and other problems with the Eighth Ave. and King Street Lift station project prompted the city council and engineer Jade Berube to level a $10,200 penalty.

But the contractor, Lloyd Feldt, of Frazee-based Feldt Plumbing, wrote a letter to the city requesting to meet at the February meeting to discuss the matter further. Feldt has been battling cancer, which has further delayed a resolution.

The project dates to 2008. The completion date was scheduled for Nov. 14, but was not finished until Jan. 13. The council, by the language in the contract, could have charged Feldt as much as $600 a day for about 60 days, because of the delays. But based on Ulteig Engineering's Jade Berube's recommendation, the penalty of $10,200 only represented the equivalent of 17 days of delay.

The council agreed to put the matter on hold until the February meeting. Feldt expects his cancer treatments and recovery to conclude in late January.

Feldt was the low bidder for the project, at $322,471. The next closest bid was $389,280; and the engineering estimates came to $432,000.

In a related issue, Feldt still owes his sub-contractors services performed for the job. However, there is a discrepancy between the amount the sub-contractors are saying is outstanding-compared to Feldt's numbers. Ottertail Aggregate is contending there is still $8,893 still owed; and Lakes Paving contends $16,000 is still outstanding from Feldt.

Meanwhile, Feldt said in a letter to the council that he only owes his sub-contractors $3,900 combined.