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Shopping spree winners grabbed all they could, in 2-minute scramble

Bryan and Kate Tussow, after a two-minute shopping spree, with Dean Simpson, left.1 / 2
Rick Benke was a spree stand-in for his father, Scott Benke, who won the prize at the Perham Trade and Home Show.2 / 2

There were two mad dashes down the grocery isles Feb. 24 in Perham.

Two winners of recent Perham Area Chamber of Commerce promotions were awarded two-minute shopping sprees. Both of the grocery scrambles were held at Dean's Country Market.

"Barbeque ribs for the entire community, 5 p.m. at my place," laughed Bryan Tussow, who raced down the isles and grabbed nearly $700 in merchandise during his spree-which he won at the Chamber's New Year's Eve party. In addition to packaged meat like ribs, Tussow carted off cleaning products and disposable diapers.

Also racing for groceries last week was Rick Benke of Dent. His father, Scott Benke actually won the spree, at the Perham Trade and Home Show Feb. 21, but he offered it to his son.

Rick didn't fare as well, dollar-wise, collecting about $170 worth of goods in two minutes. But the young man was happy, stocking up on lots of stuff that young guys can use-like laundry soap, hot dogs, processed cheese slices, breakfast toaster pastries and frozen pizzas.