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Recent rains hamper hay crop quality

Farmers across Minnesota have experienced significant quality damage to their hay crop due to untimely rain. Hay quality loss that result in value loss may be eligible for compensation if the grower is eligible for the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payment Program.

To be eligible for SURE an eligible grower must:

Have at least a 10 percent quantity loss from at least one crop of economic significance and the county must receive a secretarial disaster declaration. Or have at least a 50 percent quantity loss from all crops without a declaration-and have the forage crop covered by either crop insurance or by NAP.

Note that the quantity loss threshold must be met before any quality factors can be considered.

Once eligibility is established, FSA can take quality issues into consideration. Although there is no indication that 2010 SURE will be available by crop disaster declaration, growers need to get the documentation now to support a quality loss application in the future.

Growers need to have an official quality test done by January 1, 2011 for each cutting of hay and have verifiable evidence of the quantity of forage produced.

Hay quality tests are done through various ag-industry outlets that can support quality factors. If you don't know of a testing lab, try the University Extension Office.

Quantity evidence can be in the form of sale receipts, settlement sheets, load summaries, appraisals, scale tickets, and other reliable or verifiable written documentation that can match tons of production to the quality test.

For more information contact FSA at 218-346-4260.