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Bike, skateboard fans to benefit from Bikes, Boards, and More

Photo by Megan Wutzke/FOCUS Alix Beyer, Jesse Jacklitch, Michael Burke, and Bret Burke have fun with the merchandise.

Bret Burke has always liked bikes, while his son Michael has always loved skateboards. So when they were trying to figure out ways to add to the community they decided to sell them in their new store, Bikes, Boards, and More.

The timing couldn't get any better with the recent opening of the new Cowabunga Skate Park in Perham. As the park becomes more popular, Brent Burke anticipates more and more business.

"Right now, we've had a few customers, but we've just started, and we're definitely planning on getting bigger," said Burke.

For only being in business for a few weeks, the father-son duo has seen some very interesting things.

"We had a guy come in with a bike made by (Greg) Lemond, who is a competitor of Lance Armstrong," says Michael, "That was pretty cool."

The business will also be displaying some new brands soon, including Volume skateboards, Bell bike products, and the new Cowabunga products, which is the new skate park's official line.

Bikes, Boards, and More will also soon carry Thrasher magazine at the end of August. This will be the only business within 60 miles to distribute this magazine.

"We sell bikes and boards, but we also sell knickknacks that people might want," says Bret Burke.

The business is also planning on having a skating competition, with details to come later.

Bikes, Boards, and More opened on July 19. It is located at 330 West Main in Perham.