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Perham DQ adds Orange Julius

The Perham Dairy Queen recently converted to a Grill and Chill.

The Perham Dairy Queen is now grilling and chilling.

Within the past month, the store has moved from a Brazier-style joint to a Grill and Chill concept.

The well-known DQ sweet treats of Blizzards and slush's are still on the menu, but new to the store is the Orange Julius franchise.

Manager Mike Winjum, whose father Tom owns the store, hopes customers will enjoy the variety of treats.

"We thought it was a quality brand and we like to give customers a variety of options to choose from," Winjum said.

The Orange Julius chain started in 1929 and was bought by International Dairy Queen in 1987. Today there are more than 500 Orange Julius outlets nationwide.

"It's great to be able to offer two quality brands," Mike Winjum said.

At the Perham store there are about 10 flavors of smoothies made from fat free sorbet or frozen yogurt.

"There are definitely low-cal options for the health conscious," Winjum's brother Marc said.

The store, located at 802 3rd Ave. S.E., also has a full food menu, and will soon be adding quesadillas.