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New business in NY Mills brings unique home décor to residents

Jessica Thompson and Sara Fox (not pictured) have opened "The Mouse in the Corner Shop", a home décor store, in NY Mills. Photo by Christopher Michalski.

Whether you are looking for antiques, primitives, vintage, crafts or items to complement and beautify your home, The Mouse in the Corner Shop is a one-stop-shop for your home décor needs, co-owner Jessica Thompson said.

Thompson said she and her business partner Sara Fox both love shopping in similar types of stores and decided to open their own. Thompson said they are already off to a great start.

"Business stayed steady through opening day," said Thompson. "Over two dozen decorated barn wood signs were the first to go."

Handmade glass ornaments, holiday arrangements, old-fashioned candies, antiques, board games, bowls, spice jars, garlands and fresh greenery went just as fast, she said.

"I'm having a lot of fun putting the greeneries and pieces together. It's part of where we are who we are as Minnesotans," she said.

According to Thompson, nearly fifty people came through the doors on opening day and everyone enjoyed every minute.

"People stayed to talk with each other," she said. "I've lived in New York Mills my whole life and it was great to see people catching up with each other."

"It's good that residents are shopping in Mills for Christmas gifts," she said. "People don't have to go far and everything stays local."

Thompson said people complimented their prices by saying they would have to pay at least six times as much in the cities.

"That's what we're here for - to offer people reasonably priced items and help make peoples' homes more beautiful," she said.

People are placing special orders for "Merry Christmas," "Season's Greetings," and "Happy Holidays" barn wood signs. She said others were already asking when new orders will be complementing the shop's unique items.

Antique glass jars and bottles, carved wood decorations, lamps, lanterns and star-themed items are also displayed throughout the shop.

Home away from home

Thompson is taking steps to ensure that people enjoy their time in the shop and gather ideas for decorating.

"People have the chance to get local advice and help on how to make their homes more beautiful," she said.

Thompson and Fox are working in conjunction with Karli's Korner, another NY Mills Business, to add decorations to the furniture that Karli's Korner produces.

"We thought we'd add something fun to our community," Thompson said. "Karli's Korner focuses on larger furniture and we complement with home décor accessories."

Thompson said they have set up the store so people gain ideas as they walk through.

"We're more than willing to help customers get an idea of how to arrange their décor," she said. "They can see how the store is arranged or ask questions that we're more than willing to answer."

Hidden among the store are small toy mice that Thompson said both children and adults have fun finding.

She said that people who come from out of town to shop at Karli's Korner now have the chance to decorate the furniture instead of making separate trips out of town.

The Mouse in the Corner Shop is located at 413 John Mark Ave.. The shop will be open two weekends a month. It will be open the first weekend of December.

"Mills needs some growth and we hope to fill a need that residents can enjoy," Thompson said.

For more information, please contact Jessica Thompson at 218-385-2842.