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Perham Chamber asks for help to market the city

The staff and board of the Perham Area Chamber of Commerce believe Perham is a great place to be and are working to make sure everyone else knows it too.

The Chamber recently unveiled plans for an extended, aggressive marketing campaign with help from Chamber members.

The plan, called Member Co-op Marketing (MCM), asks members to contribute funding for marketing Perham across the region.

"The MCM plan revenue will allow us to more aggressively market our area and more effectively compete with other neighboring areas as a tourism destination," according to a letter sent out to Chamber members.

There are various levels of funding businesses can contribute, from $25 to $2,500.

According to Chamber Executive Director Dan Schroeder, funding will be used for billboards, Internet ads, radio, television and print media.

"We're marketing to the entire area," Schroeder said. "The Twin Cities, Fargo, Grand Forks."

How and when the marketing dollars will be spent will be decided by a marketing committee that meets monthly consisting of Chamber board members and members with a background in marketing.

According to Chamber board president Bryan Tusow, it gives businesses the opportunity to invest in Perham and participate in a large-scale advertising campaign by pooling dollars. That way, even small businesses could benefit from increased traffic to the area without spending a fortune.

Advertising dollars will also be spent on the web to help drive web traffic to, the Chamber's website. Since the Chamber site was launched in 2008, Tusow said, advertising has helped to bring in more than 50,000 hits in 2010 compared to 10,000 hits in 2009.

Funding will also be used for advertising on TV and radio, and in publications such as Explore Minnesota and its website, that had more than 4 million hits last year and its tourism magazine that prints 300,000 copies annually.

"We'll also promote specific events," Tusow said. "Like Freezn' for a Reason, Turtlefest and Crazy Days."

Tusow and Schroeder said the goal of the program is to ban together to get the word out about Perham.

"Programs like this are going to draw a picture for the rest of the region about Perham and how wonderful a place it is," Tusow said.

Schroeder said it also helps the city compete for tourism dollars, as it is a tough market.

The Chamber has just started the initial education of the campaign, and anyone requesting more information is asked to call the Chamber at 218-346-7710.