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Computer Monkey swinging in to solve tech problems

Robby Rae of Dent and girlfriend Tanassa Clark run a computer repair service called Computer Monkey. Photo by Ashley Bergen.

Café le Fleur in Perham has some of the fastest wireless Internet service in town making it a hot spot for computer use.

Robby Rae of Dent has tapped into this by starting his own computer repair business, Computer Monkey, and operates one day a week at the café.

Not only does he work with computers there, he also makes house calls. His business mantra is "swinging out to your place, solving problems face to face."

Rae started his business about a year ago after a chance encounter with a friend while working at Service Foods in Perham as a bagger.

A friend offered to give him 50 bucks to fix their computer and before he knew it, he had a stack of laptops in need of repair.

The name Computer Monkey came from his family's idea.

"I get a lot of banana jokes, but it's proof my advertising works," he said.

He can work with any system including Apple, Windows or Linux. He also can help install home entertainment systems. He wants to answer any computer or mobile device-related questions, not just fixing problems himself.

"Any computer problems, just give me a call," he said.

Rae, who was home-schooled, learned computers on his own but will be attending college in Fergus Falls in the fall.

"But so far everything I've learned has been on my own," he said.

One of his main specialties is installing Ubuntu, a free, fast, virus-free operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. It can also be used on old systems, Rae said.

Another of his services is computer detailing.

"Dust is the single biggest cause of computers burning out."

He said that desktop computers should be cleaned on an average of every six to eight months.

He is available at Café le Fleur in Perham on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for consulting services.

"Otherwise I'll go to your house if it's in the local or surrounding area for no extra cost," he said.

The free travelling service and free estimates help make him competitive with other area businesses, he said.

"I guarantee a lower cost and complete follow up. Also a fast response. I'll even help you at three in the morning."

Rae runs the business with his girlfriend and "CEO" Tanassa Clark.

For more information, call 218-234-2015 or e-mail