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Renovation continues at Comet Theatre

Sam Benshoof/FOCUS The original floor of Comet Theatre in Perham was recently redone. New seats and carpeting will be installed soon.1 / 2
Sam Benshoof/FOCUS New chairs were delivered to the Comet Theatre in Perham on March 29. The chairs were scheduled to be installed on March 30.2 / 2

The doors to Comet Theatre in Perham remain closed while renovation work continues inside.

The original floor was just redone and applied with varnish, according to Dolores Wasche, who has owned the theater since 1972.

There will be 175 new seats installed in the theater. Wasche described the seats as red rockers with cup holders.

Once the new seats are installed, new carpeting will be brought in and hopefully be completed in a couple weeks, Wasche said.

Both the theater's marquee and roof were redone last year.

The theater should be re-opened for business on April 8 if the rest of the renovations go as planned, Wasche said.