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Perham real estate business using QR codes

Sam Benshoof/FOCUS A house for sale by Real Estates RESULTS near the Perham Golf Course displays one of the new QR barcodes that the business has started using.

Real Estate RESULTS in Perham has incorporated the use of QR codes into brochures and signs for houses on the market.

The codes require the use of smartphones, such as an Android or an iPhone. With a free barcode app, a scan of the barcode on one of the Real Estate RESULTS signs will instantly give a customer access to all information about the house.

Nancy Dockter, who owns the firm with her husband Cal, said they got the idea for using the codes from a realtor's association email, which said that any firm not using the technology was missing out.

"Why we love it so much is that we can only fit so much info onto an informational sheet, or sometimes we may not put a brochure out," Nancy said. "This way people have all the information at their fingertips."

Nancy said that Real Estate RESULTS has been using the codes for about a month now, and have gotten a positive reaction, especially from some of their younger customers.

A free website generates the barcodes, and then the code is placed on a property information sheet.

Nancy said the barcodes are great for the X-Y generation that is so used to getting information instantly.

"This way," she said, "we can get that info to them in an instant."

The technology is definitely an advantage for the client, Nancy said, because it lets them have all the information about a house or property when they want it.

"If they're looking at it on a Saturday afternoon," she said, "they don't have to wait until they're able to get a hold of a realtor. With one scan, they have photos, the price, and any other bit of info they might need."

The only downfall, she said, is the potential loss of communication in the early stages of buying a house.

Nancy said she hasn't seen any other businesses in Perham using QR codes yet, but she expects it to catch on pretty quickly.

"If someone like me can run it, then anyone can," she said. "What are they going to invent next?"