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Lumber Depot open in NY Mills

The Lumber Depot in New York Mills is now open for business. Chris and Peggy Rutten recently purchased the former Homestead Building Company from the South Dakota-based company.

The Lumber Depot office and store have been relocated in a new temporary location across the street at 105 E. Centennial in NY Mills. Construction of the new facility will begin next week on the east end of Centennial Drive, with the warehouse being the first phase, followed by the office and new store.

The Ruttens said that constructing a new facility is necessary to allow for additional product displays and an expanded showroom, as well as providing more convenient and safer parking and product handling. They hope that all the services will be operational in the new facility by the end of summer.

Chris has been a contractor in the area for more than 20 years. The closing of Homestead came at an optimum time and seemed like a natural fit, he said.

One example of an upgraded service he intends to provide, Chris said, is a drive-thru window so customers will not have to get out of their vehicle.

The Ruttens will also be upgrading technology such as online ordering and email invoicing, both of which will promote convenient purchasing and billing, Chris said.

The Lumber Depot can be reached at 218-385-2375 (same number as former Homestead) or by email at