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Ice cream: It's all in the family

Trisha Marczak/FOCUS From left, brothers Mike Winjum and Marc Winjum stand in front of the Dairy Queen in Perham. The two purchased the store in May from their father, Tom Winjum.

For as long as brothers Marc and Mike Winjum can remember, Dairy Queen has been a big part of their lives - even more so than the average Minnesota kid.

Thirty-two years ago, their father, Tom, opened up Perham's first Dairy Queen with the hopes of creating a business he could call his own. At that time, the restaurant sold the basics: burgers, hotdogs, malts and cones. Located on Main Street, its seating capacity consisted of a few booths, accompanied by the convenient walk up window.

Fast forward a few decades and things don't exactly look the same. The store with quaint beginnings now includes full restaurant seating, outdoor seating and a full menu.

And it has a couple of new owners.

While Marc and Mike learned a thing or two working at the shop in high school, they've also had some post-college experience co-managing the store.

Considering their dad was acting as owner during that time, they were able to learn from the master, so to speak.

"He taught us pretty much everything he knows," Marc said.

While the two have plans to continue to move forward with the Dairy Queen corporation, they don't plan on any major changes right off the bat.

"Our customers shouldn't really know the difference," Mike said.

Marc and Mike said they didn't intend from the beginning to take over the store, but with both possessing degrees in business, it made sense. It also allows them to stay in their hometown and pursue fulfilling careers.

As for Tom, his sons expect him to stay connected to the business he grew from nothing. And as long as Tom's interested in sticking around, Marc and Mike said he's as welcome as ever.