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Tea Shoppe opens at Sugar and Spice

Sam Benshoof/FOCUS Michelle Shaw shows off the new Tea Shoppe in Sugar and Spice. Shaw said that she wanted to bring something to Perham that the town didn't already have.

The mother-daughter team of Bette Pitzel and Michelle Shaw is responsible for the newest addition to Perham's Main Street landscape: Sugar and Spice's Tea Shoppe.

The idea for the tea shoppe came originally from a trip that Pitzel took to London, England, where tea is a way of life.

Shaw said that they started thinking about bringing tea to Perham because it was something the town didn't really have.

So, back in the states, Pitzel and Shaw tracked down Tea Source, a teashop in Minneapolis.

After some discussions, Pitzel and Shaw were able to acquire Tea Source's help in getting something set up in Perham.

"We get our supplies through them, and they helped us with training," Pitzel said.

"They also taught us about tea, tea plants and tea leaves," Shaw added.

Now, the Tea Shoppe carries jasmine green tea, black tea, tea lattes, iced tea and much more. All drinks are brewed on the spot, Pitzel said.

Shaw and Pitzel also carry bulk tea, which they said has been popular with customers so far.

"If there's a certain kind of tea that somebody wants, we'll carry it," Pitzel said.

So far, the costumers have really taken to having tea options available in town, she said.

"Once people try it, they convert to it," she added.

People should give tea a shot, Pitzel said, because it's much healthier than coffee and is supposed to have less acid than coffee.

"Tea is so much easier on your stomachs," Shaw said. "It's naturally just better for you."

Shaw said that there are plans to continue to expand the shop, whether through adding more varieties of bulk tea or adding food items like scones further out.

The Tea Shoppe also carries several different flavors of Cass Clay and Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Sugar and Spice is located at 101 West Main Street in Perham.