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New law office opens in NY Mills

Sam Benshoof/FOCUS Angella Sonsalla recently opened Sonsalla Law Office in New York Mills.

After having spent the weekend decorating her office, Angela Sonsalla, who recently opened Sonsalla Law Office in New York Mills, is finally where she wants to be.

Sonsalla, who works mostly with real estate, family law and child protection cases, points to a seventh grade mock trial experience as the event that first got her interested in law.

"It was my most memorable school experience," she said. "It definitely piqued my interest."

Then, at age 18, her brother was killed in a homicide. The event changed her life in more ways than one, she said.

Sonsalla was the only family member to testify in the trial, and she remembers the female prosecutor in the case as being intelligent and impressive.

"That launched me into it (law)," she said.

Originally from Marshfield, Wis., Sonsalla started her undergraduate studies at the University of Texas El-Paso, and finished at the University of North Dakota, where she also earned her law degree in 2003.

Sonsalla started her career with a private law practice in North Dakota, and then worked as a staff attorney for a domestic violence center in Grand Forks.

After spending time in the big city, though, Sonsalla and her husband wanted "to go smaller."

"We were looking for a safe community, with small-town values," she said.

That search led them to NY Mills, and Sonsalla got a job as the assistant county attorney in Wadena. Ultimately, though, she felt that the fit wasn't quite right.

"It wasn't quite what I expected, and I missed private practice and I missed family law," she said.

In June 2011, Sonsalla decided that she was out of touch with the NY Mills community, and decided to move her business back to the same town where she lived.

"I was spending more time in those other communities than the one where my kids went to school," she said.

Just recently, Sonsalla has moved into the former New Horizons building across from the NY Mills Post Office. She practices in Wadena, Otter Tail, Hubbard, Becker and Todd counties.

Sonsalla said that the East Otter Tail County Area is a unique location, because she's closer to the county seats of other counties than she is her own.

In her free time, Sonsalla spends time on the lake with her family, but also spends her leisure time working. She substitute teaches at NY Mills occasionally, and also teaches online classes for the University of Phoenix.

Being back in NY Mills, and having the freedom of her own practice, is exactly what Sonsalla was looking for.

"It's been a good thing for me. I'm hoping this is my future. I'm hoping I stay here for the rest of my career," she said.

The Sonsalla Law Office is located at 19 Walker Ave N in NY Mills, and can be reached at 218-319-7151.