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Tuffy's takes step forward with new offices

Tuffy's will soon have a new home in Perham.

Having doubled production over the last six years, the animal food company is preparing to build a new set of office buildings.

With plans to break ground in mid-September, the project will likely enter its move-in stage by spring of 2012, KLN Project Manager Shane Hendrickson said.

Tuffy's new home, to be located behind the current factory, will include two stories and a basement. From the outside, large windows will be visible, along with a modern industrial architectural design and flat roof. And, of course, a large Tuffy's logo will decorate the exterior.

The main floor will hold 9,867 square feet of space, while the upper level will be 3,882 square feet. Around 35 office spaces will be housed in the building.

Tuffy's administrative staff is currently housed in the KLN building, which is also home to Barrel O' Fun and Kenny's Candy.

While the new Tuffy's building doesn't necessarily guarantee a surge of immediate job openings in the area, KLN CFO Wayne Caughey said it's a result of the tremendous growth the company has seen in the last half decade.

"The office does not equate to additional jobs immediately," he said. "We've grown over the last five, six years and hired additional office people."

There are plans, however, to build a new production facility in Perham - a move that will not likely roll out for another few years.

"The first phase of this is the office building itself," Caughey said.

The next phase would be the production facility, which would likely mean a boost in jobs for the area.

"We've been fortunate over the last few years to attain substantial growth at Tuffy's, and we look for that growth to continue," he said. "This will position Tuffy's to take advantage and to get ahead on the office space to set the stage for the production facility."