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McDonalds coming to Perham

Would you like a side of fries with that visit to Perham?

McDonalds will soon be coming to town in the lot between Dairy Queen and Jin Hu, according to Brian Weidendors of McLease Corporation.

Weidendors said the timing of construction is still up in the air. If it doesn't happen this fall, the project will begin in the spring.

The groundbreaking time depends on a few factors. While McLease Corporation builds McDonalds buildings, it leases them to McDonalds Corporation. Negotiations have not finalized a construction timeline.

McDonalds won't be the only new business in town. The 4,200 square foot building will also house a 1,200 square foot space which will be occupied by another national chain. Weidendors said the company is in the process of interviewing candidates and cannot say what business will be neighbors to McDonalds.

The company recently built similar shared business buildings in Hinckley and Mora. In Mora, Verizon leased out the space next to McDonalds.

"We're going to find a good national tenant," he said. "We're in search of that right now."

The combined building is known as a "small town retail" project, Weidendors said.

"We expect big things out of Perham," he said. "The population is right for employment. It should be a good spot there and good access."

The building project was approved by the Economic Development Authority and will be up for final approval before the city council on Sept. 12.

The Perham site will include two drive-through lanes and a modern design. There is no word at this point regarding how many employees the restaurant will hire. Information will be released when final plans are made with McDonald Corporation.