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Repairs done to keep water flowing in NYM

The insulation around the center pipe of the New York Mills water tower was repaired last week.

The insulation around the center pipe was separated in two spots, leaving the pipe open to cold air.

City Utility Manager Roger Salo said the water could have frozen in those spots if the problem was not fixed before the cold weather hit.

Normally, a four-inch layer of insulation wrapped with aluminum surrounds the pipe, protecting the water inside from extreme weather.

This has happened once before, though Salo doesn't know why.

Salo said he thinks it is because of the wind tearing off the aluminum lining around the insulation.

The city was not able to say the price of the repairs when this issue went to press, but Salo said the material cost will be minor, and the labor expense will be high "because all labor on water towers is high."