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Midwest Industries opens in new building

Completed trailers are lifted off the stand and brought out the exit door to be pulled to Lund's.1 / 2
Dennis Happel, NY Mills City Attorney; Jason Buns, Midwest Industries Director of Manufacturing; Larry Hodgson, NY Mills Mayor; and Bob Walker, Midwest Industries team leader at the new facility's open house March 15.2 / 2

Midwest Industries, a ShoreLand'r Boat Trailers assembly company, became a permanent fixture in New York Mills last month on completion of its new building next to Brunswick.

In an interview last week, Operations Team Leader Bob Walker said the 18 employees at Midwest Industries are glad to be out of the former, temporary setting - the company had been operating out of a large tent.

Walker said production has increased since moving to the new facility: "We were never able to get flow in the tent."

The building has three assembly lines set up, on which tireless preassembled trailers are stacked in one garage door, hoisted on stands for the axel, tires, and hitch installation, and finally rolled out a garage door on the other side.

Compared to the 25 trailers a day that the crew would put out in the tent operation, they're producing an average of 45-50 a day in the new building.

With their location right behind Brunswick, delivering the trailers is quicker and easier, and they no longer have to transport trailers on public roads.

Midwest Industries builds Shoreland'r trailers exclusively for Crestliner and Lund boats.

Walker said Midwest Industries is operating at full capacity right now, but the building could add a fourth assembly line in the future if needed.