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Decision on 'Quiet Zones' postponed

It will be at least another month before the Perham City Council takes any action on a proposal to make the town's railroad crossings Quiet Zones.

At a meeting Monday, city councilors unanimously voted to postpone further discussions on the matter until their August meeting. They said the extra time will give other city leaders a chance to review the details of the proposal, and could give the council an opportunity to actually meet with one of the consultants it's considering hiring.

On the recommendation of City Manager Kelcey Klemm, the city council could work with SRF Consultanting Firm out of Fargo to determine the feasibility of making several railroad crossings in Perham 'Quiet Zones.' This would significantly reduce the amount of train noise in town.

Train noise has been a major concern to Perham residents for years, as about 60 trains a day travel through, blowing a loud whistle.

The study would cost the city about $17,000, and may reveal more necessary costs to cover safety upgrades required at Quiet Zones.

Councilors hope to bring a consultant from SRF to their next meeting, and could decide then whether or not to hire the firm to conduct a comprehensive study.