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Council approves PACC, Lakeside Golf financials

Perham Lakeside Golf Club and the Perham Area Community Center are on track financially, according to statements approved by the city council at a meeting last week.

The golf club came in slightly ahead of budget - and made more money than last year, when not including donations. On the same token, the PACC was reporting profits as of the end of July, and monthly membership was up.

Lakeside's budgeted income for January through July 2012 was $93,788; actual income was about 1.14 percent more than that, at $94,856. Net ordinary income (which does not include donations) was about $16,000 more this year than last, totaling about $41,000.

When donations are included, the financials show significantly less income this year than last (the $94,856 vs. $156,390 last year); but the budget accounted for a lesser amount in donations.

The club's overall assets grew, by about $30,000, attributable to an increase in total fixed assets, mainly equipment, and a positive checking/savings balance this year (last year's balance ended in the red at budget time).

The PACC's total assets grew in 2012, as well, by nearly $80,000. As of July, the community center was reporting profits of $39,391; this does not include the months of August through December. Last year, for the entire calendar year, the center profited about $45,000.

Total monthly membership at the PACC is up over last year, by about 100-200 members.