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Homark helps build 'bunkhouses' for Canadian gold mine

Submitted photo The new Homark factory-built 'bunkhouses' in Musselwhite, Ontario, will house 76 mining workers each.1 / 2
Homark Homes, NY Mills.2 / 2

If the show lot at Homark Homes in New York Mills seems sparser than usual lately, it's not for lack of business.

Known best for its residential modular homes, the company has recently expanded into the construction of stacked 'bunkhouses' for a gold mine in Canada.

This big undertaking has kept the Homark factory busy. But Roger Anderson, vice president of retail sales, said in an interview this week that more model homes are expected on the lot by spring.

"Our inventory has been a little lax, but our intention is to have more inventory next spring," Anderson assures. "People can still order a home from us. There are just fewer on the lot right now."

Homark is working on two 28-feet wide by 282-feet long bunkhouses for a mine in Musselwhite, Ontario. Each will consist of two-bed units to house 76 workers. The bunkhouses will help meet a housing shortage in Musselwhite.

When the opportunity to work on this sizable and lucrative project came up, said Anderson, Homark "couldn't turn it down."

The company is also working on some other commercial ventures in Canada, including a motel and a senior living facility.

But Anderson said Homark Homes' focus is still on residential housing.

They company is known as the source for high quality, affordable, manufactured and modular homes, he said, and that's not changing. The larger commercial projects have resulted in a temporary shortage of display homes, but the NY Mills factory-direct store has still sold four homes off the lot this year. And additional homes have been sold through orders.

Homebuyers are always able to order the Homark model of their choice, regardless of whether that particular model is currently showing on the lot.

Anderson plans to order fresh inventory in January. The homes on display this spring, he said, will include some of the new 'park models,' which are becoming more popular