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New county communication system should be up by Jan. 1

Otter Tail County officials are looking for solutions to out-of-range signals experienced by law enforcement's portable radios in the Henning area.

At last week's county board meeting, Lieutenant Matt McGuire of the Otter Tail County Sheriff's Department was directed to study the options and find the best solution for a complete communication system in the Henning area.

The board also designated Judy Siggerud, dispatch supervisor, as the 800 MHz local systems administrator.

The county board earlier approved a Motorola dispatch console and ARMER Connection contract. There currently are seven towers around the county, as part of the changeover to the 800 MHz radio system.

"Minnesota chose to go to the ARMER system, which is the backbone for the system," said Sheriff Brian Schlueter.

"Our goal is to have everyone on board, and ready to go on Jan. 1, 2013," said County Board Chairman Lee Rogness. "This includes law enforcement, fire departments and EMS personnel. Improved safety and communication for county residents are two of the major reasons why our county is part of this changeover."

In other county board news:

- Don Davenport, Otter Tail County Bois de Sioux Watershed District representative, updated the board on various projects, including the North Ottawa Impoundment project and the Red Path project (flood damage control).

Discussion took place regarding damage caused by the Rabbit River overflow/diversion of water. The river is located in southwestern Otter Tail County.

A motion was unanimously carried to recommend that the Bois de Sioux Watershed District spray and mow cattails to increase the controlled flow of water to mitigate flooding and damage from the Rabbit River overflow.

The DNR has issued a permit for the work.

-Rick West, interim ditch inspector, reported that County Ditch 39 repairs in southwestern Otter Tail County have been completed.

Also, the county board authorized Subsurface, Inc. of Moorhead, to clean out culverts and remove silt in County Ditch 38, east of New York Mills, and ditches 41 and 65, west of New York Mills, with costs not to exceed $33,000.