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New York Mills passes flat levy

The New York Mills City Council passed a flat levy - a zero percent increase - at a meeting last week, something not done in over a decade.

The truth and taxation meeting was held with two members of the community present.

NY Mills' budget shows expected revenues for 2013 coming in at $1,036,983 and total expenditures at $1,023,255 - a net revenue of $13,728.

The city's police department is the most expensive department for the city, with an expected $298,887 in expenditures planned next year. The police department brings in an estimated $29,000 in revenue with fines and other contracts.

The city pool is also a big expense. The pool is expected to bring in an estimated $22,000, whereas costs are expected to be around $73,000. However, a third of those expenses are for one-time planned repairs, including a new pool floor and new heaters.

In other news:

-The December meeting marked the final duties of Mayor Larry Hodgson, who has served six years, and councilor Richard Rankka, who has served eight years with the city.

Former councilor Julie Gerber will become the new mayor on Jan. 1, and Betsy Roder and Jason Schik will join the council as first time representatives.

-New York Mills Regional Cultural Center Director Jamie Robertson requested this year's final $1,000 contribution payment for the center. The city contributes approximately 2 percent of the cultural center's annual budget.

Robertson also updated the council on the creamery roof project. A construction crew began repairs on Monday, Dec. 17.

-Nathaniel Welte from Peloquin-Beck made a request to the council to consider offering them the position of city attorney. Peloquin-Beck has an office in downtown NY Mills. A city attorney will be determined at the January meeting. The current city attorney is Dennis Happel, out of Perham.

-The NY Mills Fire Department signed a mutual aid agreement with the Wolf Lake Fire Department. Upon request, both departments will offer four hours of free mutual aid to one another.

-The council approved the annual transfer of an estimated $80,000 to the Capital Projects Reserve Fund. The reserve fund is used to help offset costs for future unbudgeted expenses and large projects.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 5 p.m. with a public forum at 5:30 in the City Hall.