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Ottertail bike path costs under negotiation

The Ottertail City Council is still engaged in negotiations with Central Specialties and Interstate Engineering about costs associated with last fall’s construction of the city’s multi-purpose trail.

City representatives have met with both entities and are working to establish an agreement on quantities, liquidated damages, and project costs. Based on her calculations, Ottertail City Clerk/Treasurer Elaine Hanson recommended at the March 14 city council meeting that the city pay $31,526.69 of Interstate Engineering’s requested $57,661.21.

“You feel that this amount is for work that has been justifiably done, correct?” Councilmember Terry Wagenman questioned.

Hanson responded affirmatively, adding how the rest of the unpaid balance needs to be negotiated.

A letter was drafted to Interstate Engineering explaining the issues the city has with some of the charges incurred for the path. The letter also notes how the city “wants to pursue all the liquidated damages from the contractor, in the amount of $26,400.”

Hanson passed along this letter to Ottertail City Attorney Terry Karkela for his review. Karkela provided the city with a few suggested modifications. He encouraged the city to express their willingness to meet with Interstate Engineering to further determine the amount owed.

The council approved a decision to pay $31,526.69 to Interstate Engineering and to send the drafted letter with Karkela’s modifications.

City joins county road project

The city of Ottertail will be included in Otter Tail County’s 2013 Seal Coat Project.

According to the county engineer, the estimated cost of the city’s seal coat plan will total $90,309.56. This brings the estimated cost per mile to $20,317.11. The project estimate was accepted by the city council. Roads included in the project are: Lynn Road, West Avenue, Three Lakes Road, Shores Drive, Bayview Road, Portage Road, Riverview Road, Long Street, Otter Drive, and Long Boulevard.

Fourth summer concert approved

“Mr. (Brad) Morgan has been calling and keeping us updated on the concert series,” Hanson reported.

She said Morgan expressed his desire to add an additional concert night to the proposed series, bringing the total number of concerts for the summer up to four. The council members briefly discussed his request and did not have any objections.

According to Hanson, preliminary dates being discussed for the concerts are June 22, July 6, July 17 and August 24.

Hanson to represent Ottertail on committee

Ottertail City Clerk/Treasurer Elaine Hanson announced that she plans to join the Otter Tail County Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee.

“I thought this would be a good thing for Ottertail to get in on,” Hanson told members of the council.

The committee reviews and updates emergency operation plans, hazard mitigation plans, and threat identification and risk assessments for the county.

They are also working to develop local training and exercise plans, among other objectives.

The Otter Tail County Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee meets on the third Thursday of every even month from 10 a.m. until noon.

Heidi Kratzke, For the Focus