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County briefs: Weight restrictions now in effect for area roads

Spring Weight Restrictions on Otter Tail County Highways went into effect March 29, and will remain in effect until signs are removed.

With questions or for additional information, contact the Otter Tail County Highway Department at 218-998-8470.

Emergency management training is ongoing

Patrick Waletzko, county emergency manager/safety program liaison, recently addressed the county board and said that training with towns across the county is ongoing. The goal is to have everyone on board with emergency preparedness.

“This is a public sector and private industry endeavor as well,” said Waletzko. “We also are involved with hazard mitigation, to reduce risks to county residents in the first place.”

Annual training exercises are held each year, in October and November. Some training sessions may be added in order to make it easier for some county residents.

To that end, Waletzko said training could be held in conjunction with the east and west county fairs, as well as the annual Phelps Mill Festival each summer.

Highway bituminous, other products purchased

Bituminous surface treatment, used on roadways in Otter Tail County, received approval from the board of commissioners. Bids were presented on March 26 for bituminous and also for signing materials, winter sand, culvert work and herbicides.

The highway seasonal supplies were purchased, as recommended by Public Works Director Rick West.

Tom Hintgen, Otter Tail County Correspondent