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Minge accepted into Young Entrepreneurs

Blake Minge

Blake Minge, owner of The Cactus in Perham, has been accepted into the elite Young Entrepreneur Council.

Minge was personally invited to apply to the council by its founder, Scott Gerber, an executive writer for Entrepreneur Magazine. Based in New York, Gerber is also the founder and CEO of Gen Y Capital Partners.

About a week after speaking with Gerber via teleconference, Minge was informed that his application to the Council had been accepted.

The Council consists of about 500 members. Only 4 percent of the nearly 11,000 applicants were accepted.

The Council is a nonprofit organization comprised of accomplished entrepreneurs under age 40. Members include the founders of Modcloth, Reddit, Mint and more. It was set up to be a support system for people who have built successful companies.

By being a member, Minge will have networking opportunities as well as public relations and other media opportunities. He will also be included in the Council's nonprofit efforts, partnering with organizations to seek out new ways of supporting and improving the entrepreneurship environment around the world.