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Foam insulation business new in Perham

In blustery Minnesota, a well-insulated house is a must. And one Perham businessman has just begun offering an efficient way to keep heat in and heating costs down.

Nate Tobkin, president of Tobkin Construction Services in Perham, has just started a specialized foam insulation business, TCS Foam Systems.

"I saw a growing need for innovative and cost effective solutions for customers and their insulation needs," Tobkin said. "Specialized foam insulation is a great solution for people who are concerned about their increased energy costs, rising electrical bills, personal comfort, heat loss and mold issues."

Tobkin said foam insulation is the most efficient, as it seals better than standard fiberglass insulation. The insulation is great for tight areas, he said.

It is a simple process and an entire house can be insulated with foam in about two days, Tobkin said.

The foam is applied with a spray gun similar to painting walls and is done with two people.

Those building a residential or commercial space may have to pay more for the insulation, but they do receive government tax credits, Tobkin said. Any type of building can be insulated with foam, he said, including steel.

The foam doesn't need to be applied to the entire building, he said, and can be applied in just the rim joist or attic area.

Tobkin has been in the construction industry for seven years, four of which have been in the Perham area. He started his own company, Tobkin Construction Services, two years ago.

Being a general contractor, Tobkin has seen customers with past insulation problems that have to go back and be corrected. With foam insulation, Tobkin said that won't be a problem.

"I know I won't get a call back," he said.

While foam may be up to three times as much as regular fiberglass insulation, it pays off in the long run, Tobkin said.

"You'll get your returns back on it," he said. "Plus you don't have to do everything, you could just do the ceiling, some just do the rim joist, which is hard to insulate properly."

One thing to keep in mind, Tobkin said, is the foam may only be applied during the construction process.

"One thing you can't add down the road is foam," he said.

The insulation helps buildings avoid heat loss and water build-up. It also helps seal outlets.

Tobkin is also open to working with any other general contractors on any project. TCS will travel to insulate spaces, including across Minnesota and North Dakota.

For more information, call Tobkin at 218-640-2309 or e-mail