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Magazine names Fargo as best place to forget the recession

As part of the annual Best Places to Live feature, Men's Journal selected Fargo as the best place to forget the recession, citing its low taxes and unemployment, budget surplus, and revitalized downtown.

The magazine's editors selected 18 towns that they believed have mastered the art of living well in the 21st century by prioritizing localism, sustainability and conservation, according to information Men's Journal provided to The Forum.

They also took into account other factors, such as cost of living and the number of sunny days per year, according to the magazine.

The Best Places feature can be found in the magazine's April issue, which will appear on newsstands Friday.

The magazine describes Fargo as "a city on the rise in a state with low taxes (and going down), a budget surplus, and low unemployment (4 percent). It also has the biggest Microsoft campus outside Redmond, so we're not just talking about assembling tractors. You'll find clean air and even some nascent hipness (HoDo Lounge martini bar!) in a revitalized downtown full of historic but urbane brick buildings and North Dakota State students."

Other cities making the list include Minneapolis, Des Moines, Iowa, Durango, Colo., and Grand Rapids, Mich.