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Perham business aims for sweets

KLN Family Brands is getting nutty - with its new candy line, of course.

NutHeads Chocolate Factory is rolling into 2012 with plenty of momentum.

Already creating chocolate covered chips, peanuts, licorice and pretzels, the new brand is well on its way to total chocolate domination - and it won't stop there.

Plans are in the works for caramel corn with peanuts, glazed popcorn and chocolate covered almonds and pecans. Caramels and toffee could also appear on the menu.

KLN Family Brands Owner and CEO, Kenny Nelson, said the company is only in its infancy stage, but is pleased with the way things are going so far.

The new KLN business serves as a sign of how things are going along at the company. Within the last eight years, the company, which includes Barrel O' Fun, Tuffy's and Kenny's Candy, has doubled its business.

In line with that growth, a new office for Tuffy's is being built behind the manufacturing facility, and Nelson said within the next two or three years, expansions could be in the works for the Tuffy's plant. With that, a new scent filtration system could be in the works.

Over at Kenny's Candy, plans are in the works for new gummy candies and fruit snack lines, which will most likely be launched in the summer.

Looking ahead, Nelson said 2012 could be another big year, and a win for Perham.

"We're looking to have a really good 2012 with a lot more growth," he said. "We've been pretty darned blessed."