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Perham approves final 2013 levy

Perham city councilors have finalized a total levy of negative 3.84 percent for taxes payable in 2013.

The amount, which is the same as the preliminary levy set in September, was given final approval at the council's Dec. 10 meeting. A public hearing on the levy preceded the meeting; no community members present voiced any concerns.

The total levy is being reduced from $1,213,305 this year to $1,166,738 next year.

The levy amounts to net city taxes of about $546 for the average homeowner in Perham (owner of a $120,000 home), according to City Manager Kelcey Klemm.

As was explained at a previous meeting, most of the reduction is due to the expiration of a library referendum. If this referendum were still included in next year's budget, the levy would have actually increased by about 1 percent.

The city's debt is also going down, as bonds for the airport runway reconstruction and a 2006 improvement project will be at zero balances by 2013.

Operating expenses, meanwhile, will be increasing, with extra dollars going into the general fund and toward economic development, the library and the fire department.