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Okee Dokee Brothers performing at NY Mills Ballroom

Submitted photo Grammy-winning musicians Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing bring a lot of energy and talent to their humorous folk performances.

Witty, unique folk artists, the Okee Dokee Brothers, will be performing at the New York Mills City Hall Ballroom next Wednesday, June 26 at 3 p.m.

There is no cost to attend; free admission tickets are available at the New York Mills Public Library.

The Okee Dokee Brothers are Grammy-winning musicians Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing.

The duo combines witty, off-the-wall humor and a unique folk style to their high-energy concerts, which are appropriate for all audiences.

Their 2013 album, “Can you Canoe? A Mississippi River Adventure Album” won a Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album of the Year.

For more information about the Okee Dokee Brothers, visit

The New York Mills concert was funded in part with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fun.

Sponsored by Viking Library System and the NY Mills Public Library.