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Free screening of documentary film this Friday in NY Mills

“Boathouses on the Mississippi,” by photographer Chris Faust. Submitted photo

As part of the Cultural Center’s current exhibit featuring photographs of the upper Mississippi River, the center will be hosting a free screening of the documentary film, “Twilight of the Mississippi.”

The screening will take place this Friday, Oct. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Cultural Center in New York Mills.

“Twilight of the Mississippi” is a haunting look into the troubled environment and psyche of the American Heartland. It follows the quixotic journey of the Unseen Ghost Brigade, a theater-troupe that built a raft and traveled down the Mississippi River in 2010.

The story plunges into the marginalized communities of America, a dense patchwork of endangered worlds, with the river cutting through the middle of them all. Featuring the National Park Service, industrial farmers, fishermen, spiritualists, anarchists, river rats, a black shaman, and the Army Corps of Engineers, the documentary reveals the stories, the secrets, and the dark comedy of ‘America’s River.’

Viewers are invited to visit the center early to see the current photography exhibit by Chris Faust. Faust’s modern scenes of the upper Mississippi are shown side-by-side with historic photographs by Henry Peter Bosse,

The Mississippi-themed events at the Cultural Center are sponsored by the Viking Library System.