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Theodore Roosevelt exhibit held over at ITOW Veterans Museum

Theodore Roosevelt, a biographical exhibition based on the written words of the 26th President of the United States, has been held over at the ITOW Veterans Museum in Perham.

The exhibit, which opened in November, has been a very popular one and Humanities Texas has graciously granted permission to leave it in place a bit longer. This exhibit packs an amazing amount of information in a small space; and it is easy to spend hours just reading about this amazing man.

The exhibit was organized by the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum of Austin, TX. It follows TR's life story chronologically, touching upon the familiar points of his career: The Panama Canal, San Juan Hill, the Great White Fleet, and others. It takes its shape, however, through the written words of TR himself, from a diary written at the age of 14 and from letters that he wrote throughout his lifetime.

This a particularly fitting traveling exhibit to bring to the ITOW Veterans Museum where the history of American veterans is told...In Their Own Words.

Winter hours for the museum are Monday-Saturday 11-4, Sunday 1-4. For more information call 218-346-7678 or visit