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Labyrinth Day at NY Mills sculpture park

The New York Mills labyrinth as of May 20. Submitted photo

The New York Mills Regional Cultural Center is helping create a labyrinth at the city's sculpture park.

Created with native plants, grasses and rocks, the labyrinth will be installed on Saturday, May 26 at 10 a.m., with a picnic at noon.

The cultural center is working on the project with George and Sherry Biltz of Sunset Beach Resort on Big Pine Lake. Sherry is a board member of the International Labyrinth Society.

This activity is funded in part by a grant from the Lake Region Arts Council through a Minnesota State Legislative appropriation.

The public is invited to join in the fun and help make this new living work of art. The cultural center will have all of the tools and plants needed, as well as a supply of rocks. People may also bring their own.

The sculpture park is located just off the Highway 10 exit in NY Mills. Call 385-3339 for more information.

Labyrinths are an ancient cultural expression. The labyrinth was a central feature in many of the European Roman Catholic churches in the Middle Ages and some of these still exist today.

The most famous of these remaining labyrinths is at Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France. This labyrinth was built around 1200 and has 11 circuits; the one at the sculpture park will have seven.

Labyrinths are not the same as mazes. Mazes are often like a puzzle, challenging the walker to find his or her way out. A labyrinth has only one path, clearly visible, and is designed to encourage meditation and peacefulness.