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Kratzke to lead writing workshop for teens

Local writer and artist, Heidi Kratzke, will lead a creativity workshop for teens and young adults interested in writing, at the Perham Area Public Library on Saturday, June 16, from 1:30-3 p.m.

Writers, painters, musicians, dancers, videographers, and photographers use their gifts to portray the world via their medium. When working together as artists, Kratzke said, we challenge ourselves to look at our art through another's eyes.

This workshop will encourage participants to start 'thinking beyond the book,' and delve into the limitless world of co-creating with artists in different genres. As a part of this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to write in response to live music and learn about the interplay between words and music.

"Writing as an Artistic Collaboration" is free of charge. This program is sponsored in part or in whole with money from Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage fund. Sponsored by the Perham Area Public Library and the Viking Library System.