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'All the Old Familiar Places'; Free program at ITOW Museum

Michael Lasser

"All the Old Familiar Places,'' by writer and radio host Michael Lasser, will be presented at the ITOW Veterans Museum in Perham on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 1 p.m.

This program, about the popular songs of the Great Depression and World War II, is free and open to the public.

Popular music tries to reach the broadest possible audience by idealizing the world most of us recognize and inhabit. As a result, it opens a revealing and entertaining window on American attitudes.

For 30 years, Lasser has been speaking about popular music as social history; about songs and the America they reflect. In this program, he demonstrates how popular music is rooted in the everyday experiences of ordinary people and contrasts the styles of the two decades - the '30s and '40s - showing how and why songs written within 10 years of one another, both during strikingly dark times, are so different. 

"All the Old Familiar Places'' will be performed as one of several public programs taking place during ITOW's display of the traveling exhibit, "Our Lives, Our Stories: America's Greatest Generation."

Lasser's presentation is intended to add new dimension to the ideas in the exhibit. He will highlight a familiar but often unrecognized facet of American culture - popular song. He is a writer, lecturer, broadcaster, critic and teacher and co-author of the book, "America's Songs: The Stories Behind the Songs of Broadway." Since 1980, he has hosted the nationally syndicated public radio show, Fascinatin' Rhythm.

He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and holds master of arts degree. from Brooklyn College. In 2010, he was named a Thomas P. Johnson Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Rollins College.  

This program made possible by a grant from the Lake Region Arts Council through a Minnesota state legislative appropriation

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