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Annual song festival hosted at St. Paul's

St. Paul's Lutheran Choir

A delightful assortment of musical styles were presented at the fourth annual Perham, all-church song festival Jan. 31.

Hosted for the first time in the spacious sanctuary of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, more than 200 attended the concert. The offering plate was passed, raising hundreds of dollars for Haiti earthquake relief.

"Living Waters" was the theme for this year's concert.

Host pastor, the Rev. Carl Noble of St. Paul's, said that the Perham ministerial association will be deciding to which Haiti charitable fund the collection should be donated. One of the funds will match the local contributions dollar for dollar-doubling the donation to Haiti relief, noted Noble.

With musicians and singers from seven churches, the concert covered many musical styles--from the lively, slightly Barbershop-tinged sound of the United Methodist Church; to the melodic women's quartet from St. Henry's.

"It used to be that this church had their type of music, and another church had a different style," said Rev. Dirk Currier in his message to the audience. "But today, it is all 'our' music...It is one voice, for God."

For two churches, 2010 marks an anniversary year, which was noted at the concert. The Perham Community Church was established 20 years ago. Calvary Lutheran is marking its 50th year.

"It is very hard to find a community where all of these churches are together, praising God in music. It is an awesome privilege," said Currier.