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Chamber hosts eating competition

Hungry people throughout the lakes area have a reason to rejoice.

No, it's not due to the onset of the Christmas cookie season -- it's the Perham Area Food Challenge, brought to you by the Chamber of Commerce.

Eight establishments in Perham, Ottertail and Vergas are hosting the challenge, all in their own unique ways.

While the menu items vary from place to place, there is one common theme: Challenge participants must eat - a lot - within a given time period. Those who succeed get a free t-shirt or gift card, depending on the place, and have the chance to win more through the Chamber of Commerce.

Anyone who attempts all the challenges - and keeps the receipts to prove it - will be awarded $25 in Perham Chamber Bucks. Those who conquer all the challenges will win $100 in Chamber Bucks.

Chamber Director Dan Schroeder said the whole idea behind the competitions is to have fun and give people one more reason to visit the area's great establishments.

And, yes, he will also be taking on the challenges - each and every one of them.

While all challenges are pretty hefty, each one has its own flavor. At The Cactus in Perham, participants are dared to eat a stack of ribs, steak and a side of pasta, all within 30 minutes.

Down the road at The Otter in Ottertail, eaters will battle a pound of burger, a pound of fries and a pound of beverage (whatever that may be).

Challenges range from $10-$15, depending on the restaurant.

For more information, visit the Perham Chamber of Commerce website at

Full list:

Willy T's

The Otter

The Cactus

Zorbaz on Little Pine Lake


The Station House

Lakes Café

SKAL in Vergas