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Décor Hus opens on Main Street

Steve Greene opened Décor Hus on Main Street in June. The shop features antique, refinished and custom furniture as well as smaller home décor pieces. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS

Some ideas stew for years and then, when the time is right, everything seems to fall perfectly into place.

Such was the case with the Décor Hus, a new store that opened on West Main Street in Perham in June.

From the moment Steve Greene decided to open the shop, to opening day, took only about two months. The Perham resident owns Décor Hus and creates most of its inventory.

“We’d thought about doing this for several years, and then… we just decided on the spur of the moment, ‘This is what’s going to happen. We’re just going to do it,’” said Greene.

“It’s the culmination of several hobbies,” explained Greene. “My wife (Lisa) and I have been antiquing fanatics for years.”

He’s also been building custom furniture for his family and others.

“It just seemed like a natural progression, a way to kind of exaggerate the hobby,” Greene said.

Over the years, Greene’s preferred furniture style has been somewhat more provincial, heirloom-type work that is solidly built.

“That’s what my furniture was really all about… it was something that would be passed on in the family,” said Greene. “I’ve been asked to stretch my wings a little bit, from that perspective, and I have. But I still like cleaner, more simple and straight-lined.”

Pieces of Greene’s work are displayed throughout the store. Antique, refinished and reclaimed materials have been given new forms and new life – such as a utility spool that was painted, stained and made into a coffee table.

“I’m having an awful lot of fun repurposing things right now,” he said.

Other pieces are custom-made, including one-of-a-kind decorative ice fishing rods made with exotic wood.

Customers are more than welcome to bring their own custom-build ideas to Greene. He said he has seen many pictures from Pinterest, Etsy or magazines, with requests to make tweaks in the design, size or color.

“I’m doing everything from paper towel holders to kitchen hutches and cabinets,” he said.

Samantha Greene, Steve and Lisa’s daughter, has also been helping at the shop and with builds.

“She has been invaluable in getting this place started,” said Greene. “My wife and I could have never ever, ever gotten the doors open in the timeframe that we did without Samatha.”

Eventually, Greene said, he plans to add a nostalgia candy counter – including penny candies for children – to complement their antique offerings.

“I miss those from when I was a kid,” he said. “There’s nothing more enjoyable than the look on a little kid’s face who comes in with a nickel and walks away with a few pieces of candy.”

Décor Hus is at 211 West Main Street and can also be found on Facebook.