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Dahms, McMahan race winners at Freeze Your Face 5K

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Dahms, McMahan race winners at Freeze Your Face 5K
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PERHAM — The 5th annual Freeze Your Face 5K race was held Saturday morning in temperatures around negative eight degrees Fahrenheit.

The average start time temparture for this race has been 15 degrees above zero. Last year's race was run in 26 degrees above conditions.

Saturdays frigid temps created lashcicles and beardcicles, as runners were coated in frost crossing the finish line.

Comments from runners at the finish line ranged from, "Horrible!" to "It doesn't take a lot of brains to do this."

Funny thing, they were all said tongue-in-cheek with smiles and laughter.

That is what makes runners special. It's what makes the Freeze Your Face 5K special.

Running is very popular in Perham all year round and these races draw participants from around the region and across the country for the many races around Perham over the summers.

"A lot of guts, look how tough runners are," official timekeeper and finish line cheerleader Kay Morris said.

The event drew 46 runners willing to bare the cold, a majority of which were women (21).

"It was a great turnout," said race organizer Jeff Morris. "Great job to all the runners who bundled up for the event!"

Derek Dahms of Perham was the overall champion finishing the frozen course in 19:28.0. 

Kate McMahan of Fargo won the womens' race in a time of 22:31.

Age group winners were:


70+ Bill Bauck

60-69 Jerry Huebsch, Perham

50-59 Vaun Roy Bruhn, Frazee

40-49 Richard Leyh, Stillwater

30-39 Aaron Danuser, Fargo

20-29 Derek Dahms, Perham

14-19 Nathan Coleman, Dent

13-0 Dylan Fudge, Perham


20-29 Kate McMahan, Fargo

30-39 Kirsten Birst, Detroit Lakes

40-49 Deborah Leyh, Stilwater

50-59 Jolene Johannes, Wadena

60-69 Kristin Johnson, Detroit Lakes

Overall - Female

1 Kate McMahan Fargo ND 22:31.0

2 Kirsten Birst Detroit Lakes MN 22:33.0

3 Deborah Leyh Stillwater MN 25:07.0

4 Amy Kilde Detroit Lakes MN 25:16.0

5 Heather Warren Wadena MN 26:38.0

6 Brittany Johnson Perham MN 2 28:10.0

7 Sayward Honer Detroit Lakes MN 28:34.0

8 Shelley Glenz Verndale MN 30:52.0

9 Penny Reardon Pillager MN 31:28.0

10 Kristin Johnson Detroit Lakes MN 31:40.0

11 Melissa Olsson Sebeka MN 35:16.0

12 Carrie Athmann Dent MN 37:55.0

13 Jolene Johannes Wadena MN 38:04.0

14 Theresa Banyai Bertha MN 39:21.0

15 Ashley Current Staples MN 41:18.0

16 Sherrie Luyster Staples MN 43:37.0

17 Stephanie Harnack Wadena MN 43:37.0

18 Nanette Nelson Wadena MN 43:38.0

19 Melanie O'Keefe Verndale MN 45:23.0

20 Carol Thompson New York Mills MN 45:24.0

21 Phaedra Hanson Sebeka MN 53:02.0

Overall - Male

1 Derek Dahms Perham MN 19:28.0

2 Nathan Coleman Dent MN 19:46.0

3 Hunter Kjelshus New York Mills MN 20:29.0

4 Sean Parvi Anoka MN 21:25.0

5 Aaron Danuser Fargo ND 21:50.0

6 Richard Leyh Stillwater MN 22:13.0

7 Dylan Fudge Perham MN 22:27.0

8 Vaun Roy Bruhn Frazee MN 22:38.0

9 James Knutson Gwinner ND 23:01.0

10 Joshua Kilde Detroit Lakes MN 23:06.0

11 Dave Edvall Frazee MN 23:43.0

12 Tim Birkland Dent MN 24:02.0

13 Jerry Huebsch Perham MN 24:51.0

14 Ryan Damlo Wadena MN 30:53.0

15 Mitch Billman Pillager MN 38:27.0

16 Bill Bauck Perham MN 41:46.0

Robert Williams

Robert is the Sports Editor of the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

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