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Daughter and mother fighting through life-threatening diagnosis

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Daughter and mother fighting through life-threatening diagnosis
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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A brave little girl from lakes country who's in the fight for her life, supported by families all around Perham and New York Mills, are planning big celebrations and parties for Eva Hoaby.


Eva's parents are still trying to wrap their hearts and minds around a terrible diagnosis for her daughter they got New Year's Eve.

Some tough decisions have been made that are both heart wrenching and admirable.

Today, at Sanford's Children's Hospital, Eva Hoaby painted her world. A colorful mermaid for Grandma Kim back home in Otter Tail County.

Ashlee Hoaby, Eva's Mom: "We come in every day and we make something for somebody."

For Eva and her mother Ashlee, this is time well spent.

Hoaby: "She is a smart, sweet kid."

As the holidays wrapped up, a lazy eye and some balance issues sparked at MRI that brought devastating news to her family.

Hoaby: "I just wanted to lay down and die."

An inoperable brain tumor growing within the brain stem.

Hoaby: "When I heard brain stem, I lost it, I just lost it."

No chemo, just radiation that will buy some time.

Hoaby: "At least this way, every morning I wake up, I see her sweet face, it is a great day."

After some morning art today, the precocious 4-year-old headed down to Roger Maris for daily radiation. A mother comforting and cherishing the ride and the time.

Hoaby: "This is why I am a mom. Just the little things."

And so this fan of Ariel the mermaid has taught her family some valuable lessons about living. Simple and little are good.

Pictures take away scary times. And days like this for a mom are memorable,

Hoaby: "And a new sheet for you, sweet-pea. That is fantastic."

Too few, but forever and fondly treasured.

To help the family, Perham will host a Chili Feed Friday at Calvary Lutheran at four. New York Mills will host a BBQ, dance and silent auction Saturday night at the city ballroom.