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Dent brothers take 3rd at National Junior Bible Quiz

The Blomberg brothers have been getting quizzed year after year, and they keep doing better every time.

For the third year in a row, Caleb and David Blomberg, of Dent, advanced with their Junior Bible Quiz team from Abundant Life Assembly of God in Fergus Falls, Minn. to the national festival. The competition was held June 12-14 in Concor, N.C.

At the festival, the team went through more than 20 rounds with 20 questions each. They competed against other teams to buzz in and give the correct answer first.

Their team, Kids for Christ, took third place overall. They also took first place in their league, state and regional competitions.

“Winning the trophy was fun, of course,” said Caleb of his favorite moment at nationals. “But I also liked it when someone on our team got a question that our coaches said would be really important.”

Caleb said the feeling of winning a round at nationals was more fun than some of the less important meets.

David said his favorite moment came when one of his teammates got the 16th question, worth 30 points, to win the round and help them advance.

At nationals, David got quite a few “quiz outs,” where he got six questions right and had to switch places with another teammate. He was also one of the top competitors for quiz outs at the state meet.

The Blombergs’ team also received a traveling trophy with an interesting history for winning the Minnesota District. It was given to “Big” Dan Rector, a bible quiz coach from Bloomington, Minn. in 1982, after his team took first place at the national festival. The trophy was almost as tall as Rector himself. Rector was also the coach of the boys’ dad, Dave, and their uncle, Scott. When Rector recently retired, he donated the trophy to the district.

“It was such a pleasant surprise when I saw who was presented the ‘Big Dan Trophy’ this year,” wrote Rector in a newsletter from the national competition. “May the tradition continue!”

It’s been quite a journey for the Blomberg brothers. After moving to Star Lake in 2011, David and Caleb continued to compete with their team from New Richmond, Wis. until the 2013 season began last September. That was when they joined the Fergus Falls group.

“Caleb and David study virtually every day during the school year,” said their mother, Stephanie. They also practice by ringing in to answer questions as their parents read them, listen to questions with the answers on their iPods and play bible quiz games online.

For Caleb, this was his final year on the junior team. He plans to continue competing in Bible Quiz for teens (sixth through 12th grades) next season. Caleb is also working toward the Bible Excellence Award this summer. He will need to complete 576 questions, correctly, in one sitting.

David has been on the junior team for three years. He is working toward the Master Quoter Award this summer. He will need to complete 108 quotations, along with references, in one sitting to earn the title.