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District Flower Show winners announced

Submitted photo A District Flower Show held in Perham last Thursday featured 342 exhibits.
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District Flower Show winners announced
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The Perham Lady Slipper Garden Club hosted a District Flower Show Aug. 7 at Prairie Wind Middle School. There were a total of 342 exhibits.

Winners included:

-Marcia Wiegandt: Champion and Reserve Champion Designs, Champion Day Lily.

-Rosette Nordick: Champion Design.

-Mary Dertinger: Champion Foliage Planter, Champion Day Lily, and Hydrangea.

-Carolann Garber: Champion  Mini Gladiola.

-Sue Alstadt: Champion Large Hosta

-Susan Toms: Champion Perennials, Reserve Champion Daylily. Perennial High Points.

-Karen Williams: Champion Design, Champion Foliage Plant, Champion and Reserve Champion small Hostas.